Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Liberation from the backpack

I feel i must get something straight from the get go. I'm no camping purist. Backpacks, ultalight tent, titanium cooking gear - some of it hangs in my storage room - but mostly it is covered in dust. Before kids I had an illusion of becoming an outdoorswoman and although I still harbor images of myself hiking somewhere in a stunning alpine meadow, I have now fully embraced the car as an essential part of my camping toolkit - and what sweet liberation it is. Maybe one day when i don't have to haul diapers (in and out) of hike in campsites, or explain to a four year old what made the claw marks on the bear barrell, will i return to the wilderness. For now though i am going to relish the luxury of our huge 20 pound tent, queen air mattress, tricycles and training wheels on paved campground roads, and running water near by.

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