Monday, May 18, 2009

Rainy day camping activities

Well it’s been typically spring in the northwest today– rain, sun, drizzle, rain. While I usually don’t mind the rain (especially spring rain, spring rain is warmish and smells nice) a camping trip could well be ruined if you don’t plan ahead. First when planning your trip scope out the local museum offerings in case you really need to escape the confines of the campsite/tent but don’t want to completely throw in the towel. Second put together a special rainy day kit, store it in a big ziploc and stash it with your camping gear – don’t let the kids see it so it will be a surprise for your ‘special’ rain day

Rainy day kit: sidewalk chalk; playing cards; special markers (glitter, glow in the dark); new activity books; camping coloring pages, balloons

Here are some other ideas I've collected:

Outside activities (make sure you have a way to dry off and get warm after!)

  • River / dam building
  • Measure rainfall with buckets, cups
  • Float flowers in the puddles.
  • Dig for worms in the mud at night using a flashlight.
  • Draw with sidewalk chalk on damp paved surfaces to create very bright chalk drawings.
  • water balloons

Inside activities

  • card games: War and Go fish are the current favorites of my 4 year old, Snap
  • read books – i.e. Curious George Goes Camping
  • Print out some camping related coloring pages
  • Shadow play with flashlights
  • I spy

Read more: "Rainy Day Camping Activities: Crafts and Games to Keep Preschoolers Busy When it Rains"

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  1. Great article. Just came back from a somewhat rainy camping trip and I-SPY Go Fish was a hit. Overall, card games are great since they don't take up much space and everyone can play.

  2. ooh where were you in the rain? It's been dry for a month here in seattle - shocking I know! Of course our first trip is next week and the forcast is not favourable - still i think it's the less than ideal situations that leave he biggest impressions - hopefuly positive ones!

  3. ah I see - you are on the east coast - we seem to have swapped weather patterns!