Friday, July 3, 2009

Bacon – the camping wonder food

June 09 088So if you’re wondering - what we ate at Spencer Spit was somewhat different than what I actually planned. This wasn’t entirely unexpected and in practice the menu kinda’ streamlined itself.

The trick is knowing what you can cook once but use for more than one meal and this takes some experience. I’m happy to say my camp cooking revelation this trip was bacon. I only grabbed a package at the last minute but it turned out to be a staple food on the weekend.

Use 1: Saturday breakfast: Pancakes and bacon. OK so I kinda love bacon with maple syrup – I think it was one of those pancake breakfast fundraisers in my youth where they slop it all on your plate and pour the syrup over everything…mmmm

Use 2: Saturday lunch: Bacon sarnies. This is just an English way of saying bacon sandwich. I suppose you could add some lettuce and tomatoes….

Use 3: Sunday breakfast: Scrambled eggs with chopped bacon and whatever else you have left and don’t want to pack home

One ingredient – three meals! Camping food perfection.

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  1. mmmm. Bacon. It makes everything better. I have great memories of bacon during camping. My dad used to slice his own. Awesome. Great post!


  2. Wow, the bacon sarnie reference has me hankering... and I'm not even hung over.

    Mental note, hide extra beer in the car prior to next trip.

    - hubby

  3. I absolutely love bacon in EVERYTHING! We haven't taken it camping very much - I'm not sure why. Okay, I'm off to the store to get some bacon...

  4. hey hubby - dungeness rec area is DRY - no booze! Does this mean i'm going alone? I'll bring extra bacon if that eases the pain at all.

    Does anyone have any favourite brands of bacon? Maybe i'll do a taste test...