Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dungeness a dud


We got back from our second camping trip of the year and it was decidedly mediocre.  The fun stuff was what the fun stuff usually is – the fire, the food, cousins. 

The big let down for me was the beach.  First, it was a 20 minute walk from the campground and you had to pay a daily fee, $3 a family, neither of which were onerous, but still an annoyance.   Second, the water was pretty rough with breakers big enough to knock the kids down. Third, collecting rocks, shells and driftwood is frowned upon because it’s a wildlife preserve.  I do understand the rationale for this but combined with the lack of tide pools for exploration, I found it kind of boring. 

Of course enterprising parents are sure to find stuff to entertain their children, but I’m looking for some WOW when we go camping.  Next time I’m on the Olympic Peninsula I’m going to check out the Salt Creek Recreation Area.

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