Saturday, August 29, 2009

Make ahead camping food


tomatoes from our garden

We embark on our final big trip today and I'm trying something new – a no cook camping trip (except coffee and marshmallows of course).  I was thinking of making a bunch of stuff ahead like salads and snacks. So far I’ve only gotten a few things made like the roast peppers and the raspberry oat bars.  The bars don’t look like much but yum they taste fab – kinda breakfasty – i suspect they’ll get gobbled up with coffee in the morning.

If i actually get to it my make ahead menu would look something like:

Dinners : (1) chef salad with rustic bread; (2) tortellini, pesto, cherry tomatoes, and mozzarella salad

Lunch: (1) croissants with roast vegetables (2) anything left in the cooler or peanut butter and jam 

Breakfast: (2) cereal with berries

Snacks: apples, raspberry oat bars, chips, carrots

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